About Raakesh Blokhra

Raakesh is a Software Programmer, An Internet Marketer, and a PPC Coach working out of Long Branch, New Jersey, United States. Raakesh is dedicated to building solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Raakesh's focuses primarily on softwares, and/or scripts that help Internet Marketers, Affiliates, Merchants and other Online Business Owners. As you can see the most highlighted softwares are:
  • Long Tail Magic (a tracking software for any website owner)
  • Affiliate Radar (a keyword conversion software specifically for Affiliates who rely on PPC for their traffic)
  • Offer Vault (a software for affiliates, to find good offers to promote)
  • Instant LP (a landing page builder software for "Non Programmers")
  • WebWriters Pro (a team of writers trained to write content for the web, for internet marketers)
  • Affiliate Link Rotation Script (A script for affiliates to send traffic to different offers from the same landing page)
  • And many more solutions in the making

Raakesh also enjoys working on Business Process Automation. Most businesses still use traditional business practices that involve receiving information through faxes, letters, phone calls, emails, etc and also storing customer information into word files on their network, so information can be shared among employees, lot of phone calls to and from each other regarding customers, maintaining statuses, notes, and what not. These were practices when they started their business, and before they knew their business grew and now its just too time consuming for them to follow the same procedure. This is where Raakesh comes in, evaluates each business process the company used, and finds a way to completely (if possible) or partially automate these processes.

Since each business operates differently, in most cases you need to design custom modules for everything and put them all together to make things convenient, and less time consuming for the staff. Business Process Automation has two primary benefits which makes most businesses invest into it:
1. Saves you valuable time.
2. Lowers your business costs (specially salaries to extra people whom you can manage, without).

This does not necessarily means that the business save money, rather it gives them more free time, and resources to invest into growing even more.

Such Solutions are carefully designed to cover some very important features such as:

1. Data Backup
When you automate business processes, you tend to get rid of some physical files (printed documents, folders, etc), digital files (word documents, excel files, etc), etc. So the new system, needs to have a fall back feature in case something goes wrong, all the data should be stored at a retrievable location.

2. Security
"Why would anyone try to get into my system?" is what most businesses think and sure enough, there are always competitors, hackers, and some other elements who have their own reasons and motivations to get into your system to either benefit from the information, or simply to sabotage you. Raakesh's solutions make sure all known areas of concern are addressed to protect your data, specially when storing any component of your business like your customer information, leads, advertising information, etc on the internet.

3. Ease of Use
The system needs to have an easy to use interface which does not require intense training of the employees. Most of Raakesh's designed interfaces are very predictable, and easy to follow, including the application navigations.

4. Ease of Access
The applications are made easily accessible using web browsers, which most computers are already equipped with. This eliminates the requirement to install new softwares, that may be dependent on the computer's configuration and might require troubleshooting, and support during installations.
Additionally, more solutions are built on public domains or IP addresses so that the information can be accessed through the internet, irrespective to your current location. This is another feature that adds wings to your abilities since your data is remotely protected, even if "God Forbid" a disaster takes place at your office location. Plus, you can access your information during presentations at client's locations, while traveling or from home.

5. Ability to Evolve
The technology is only going forward and the trends, platforms, solutions, servers, etc are only getting better. Therefore, each application is designed with the ability of future enhancements. This lowers the cost to the business when they are ready for another upgrade.

6. Easy to Understand Coding Practice
All the code is written in an easy to understand format, which frees you from being bound to one programmer only. You can have any full time, part time, freelance or any company just come in and start adding updates for you in the future in case Raakesh is not available to help you out. Believe it or not, this is not a very common practice these days.

As mentioned earlier, every business has a different requirement and Raakesh builds custom solutions to fit their needs.

Customer Testimonials will be added here shortly from Raakesh's existing clients.