Affiliate Link Rotation Script
Promote Multiple Affiliate Offers on One Landing page

Affiliate Link Rotation Script

This script can help you by alternating traffic to different affiliate links. For example, if you have a site on which you are promoting car insurance offers, you can promote Geico Car Insurance, All State auto Insurance and Progressive insurances from the same page by alternating them using this script.


You may configure up to 10 affiliate links on the configuration file. The script takes one affiliate link at a time and opens it in an Iframe on your site itself. When another user comes to your site and goes to the same page, this script will take the next affiliate link and open that in an iframe and this process keeps repeating until the last affiliate link has been opened. Once all the affiliate links have been used, it restarts itself from the first link.

This could also be a good way to track which offer is converting better for you since you know you are sending an X amount of traffic to your site, so the number of clicks on the script gets divided equally for each affiliate link. The offer that has more conversions is the leader and you might want to keep that as your default affiliate offer on your site. Here's a quick formula:

Let's say you send 100 people to your site and are promoting 10 affiliate links, it means that each affiliate offer will be viewed 10 times. So the offer with maximum conversions will be the leader.
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Not only is this script a affiliate link rotator, it also serves as a nice landing page with content relevance, because with each affiliate link, it allows you to add a separate title tag, so if you are promoting Geico Car Insurance, it will say Geico Car Insurance (or whatever you want it to say) on the title of the browser.


This script works like a gem on IE as well as Firefox, however you do need to run this on a LINUX / UNIX server. It will not work on a Windows Server.


The point is what would be it's worth to you? The ability to be able to find which offer gets you the most sales, and then letting you promote those offers by alternating the offers that are bringing you money, can be worth hundreds of dollars.

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