Too much Tweeting will most likely hurt you

Avoid over Tweeting on Twitter

I noticed some people out there just enjoy tweeting so much that they actually fill up your homepage with their tweets. As a result you start missing out on other people's tweets. What do you do in this scenerio?

  1. Send a Direct Message (DM) to that person and request him/her to tweet less.
  2. Tweet about him/her tweeting too much so they get a hint.
  3. Send out an email and bring this to their notice so that they reduce their tweets.

If you are among the 9/10 people I am referring to, you will just select option 4 and unfollow the tweeters who tweet too much.

Why Unfollow?
Yes you are right in asking the question that why would people unfollow me if I tweet too much. The answer is because your tweets most likely are either irrelevant, not connected to your previous tweets, or simply repeats. In either of these situations your followers might take the decision to unfollow you.

If you are regular in tweeting and your quality of content is really high, you might not be at a risk of losing your followers but honestly, you need to give your followers a breather. Just like you don't want any one person to fill up your twitter homepage with their tweets about stuff that you are not very interested in hearing about every 5 minutes, your followers do the same.

As a good example, I follow @NatGeoSociety and they constantly talk about their shows. But we all know NatGeo has shows every half hour so if they want, they can really throw info about each show that's gonna be on next and create the hype, but they are considerate and will pick the best show of the day, and tweet about it at decent intervals. It not only keeps me as their follower, but also I do pay attention to what they talk about and eventually find myself sitting in front of the TV watching their outstanding shows. So the point here is that pick one topic, discuss it, don't overdo it, but just discuss it in a sober way and your audience will love you.

Alternatively, I unfollowed a couple of big names in the Internet Marketing industry because they would just keep repeating themselves or throw tweets one after the other and end up being 75% of my twitter homepage content. I can't let that happen, because I want to keep up to date with other content coming from other people I am following.

So over tweeting will hurt you because twitter users like me and you do not like to hear the same thing over and over again. This is not just a new twitter rule, but an understanding that this industry has respected since several years. For example all the news channels, news websites, etc are always on the constant lookout for new content to bring to you. They spend hundreds and thousands of dollars every day to bring you fresh stories, good content and non-repeat events. The reason is that we (the audience) demand fresh content. So by applying the same parameters to Twitter, you must deliver what your audience wants.

Avoid over tweeting and enjoy a smooth growth of followers. If you liked this article feel free to follow me (@Raakesh)