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Social Media Genie - BuddyMedia

All of those who know me well, know that I keep an eye open to find problem areas in internet marketing where I could possibly build either a solution, or simply find answers to such problems and share with my lists. When marketing on Facebook, there were a few "I wish I had" tools or solutions that I know would have helped me, my clients, and my employers make the most of their social marketing efforts. Read more about Social Media Genie - BuddyMedia

Was Google+ a surprise, or a service everyone was looking forward to?

When Google+ was announced, I wasn't really surprised (obviously, I am sure this applies to majority of the people out there). Despite the fact that services like Google Wave and Google buzz, didn't really make it to the top of the social lists, we all were, in one way or the other, waiting for Google to launch their social network. Read more about Was Google+ a surprise, or a service everyone was looking forward to?

.co domain names are available

I know this is kind of late but hey, there are still some great names waiting to be registered.

I am in a way happy that the price for .co domains is higher so that not everyone would go and grab the good ones, but none the less, some companies / individuals are registering these day in and day out. I saw some good ones going in front of my eyes.

I am not saying that I am not on the lookout for some good .co domain names, but here is your chance to grab some while things are not too clear to the others.

Here's the trick:
Visit and you will be redirected to one of the leading domain name registrar. But guess what? There is no visible button (at least as of April 26, 2010) that says "REGISTER A .CO DOMAIN HERE".

That is good for you because many individuals and companies can not see how to register a .co domain.

Good Morning from San Francisco (Ad Tech)

I have been a little inactive on my site since the past few months as I had too much going on, including moving into a new house, wrapping up some old projects, hiring a new team, starting my coaching program(s) including Social Handshake, and working on some new innovative products...

I am at Ad Tech, San Francisco right now with Offer Vault and Offer Mobi (A CPA network for Mobile Offers). OfferMobi is launching here at Ad Tech today (April 19, 2010).

Google's Strategic Placement of Ads

If you are like me, and use Gmail I am sure you would have accidentally clicked Google Ads placed just upon the "Back to Inbox" link. Since I am also an advertiser, every time I accidentally click on a sponsored ad, I go "Ouch" as I didn't really intend to click on the ads.

But, in the process of this little accident, the advertiser lost money, and Google made money. I am not saying this is a scam, but this is a very strategic placement of ads because of these reasons:
1. The ads are relevant to the email I just opened.

Roboform Now Supports Chrome Browser

Great News for Roboform Users

Roboform now supports Google Chrome / Chromium web Browsers

I know at least 20 people who have not been able to use Google Chrome because it was not supported by Roboform. Roboform is one of the most revolutionary products for password / login management which has an addictive personality. 9 out of 10 users who start using Roboform to manage their passwords for various web sites they visit, have become hooked to it totally.

How to Add Podcasts to Google Listen?

I already wrote an article about Google Listen for Android Community. Now I want to tell you how to make an RSS (XML) file for your podcasts so that you could submit that to Apple iTunes for iPhone and iPod users, as well as use the same RSS file to subscribe to your podcasts using Google Listen.

Google Listen does not have a way for us (podcast makers) to submit our podcasts to Google's podcast directory, but we can add it to our phones (Android Phones) and subscribe.

Google Listen Add Podcast

Google Listen is only limited to Android users (as of Nov 1, 2009). The new app lets your Android phone (like my HTC G1), communicate with Google Podcast Directory and download / subscribe to Podcast Feeds. The good thing is that unlike other services offered by some cell phone manufacturers out there, Google Listen is not limited to just podcasts submitted to the directory by the podcast owners, rather it is added using Google's powerful web-based rank metrics, allowing a much much wider variety than the ones I just referred to.

The interface of the Listen application is pretty straight forward and interestingly very

Testing a New Twitter Application

I have been able to develop a few Twitter apps so far ... some I love to talk about, while some others I'd rather keep to myself.

But right now I am talking about a new Twitter Module for Drupal that notifies "YOU" on Twitter, every time I add new content here on So technically my first post from this module was when I created this page.

Though the other Twitter applications that I designed, are for Product Launches (TWILP), that I used when I launched InstantLP.

Special FTC Disclosure Special Report for Online Marketers

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is changing the way that marketing is done online - endorsements, testimonials, affiliate marketing, etc.

Mike Young (Attorney and Counselor at Law), just created an easy-to-read special report that explains what has changed and how to deal with those changes in your online business ventures.

If you have any questions contact me and I will get you the answers to your questions.

If you are doing any marketing online, which includes operating a blog, promoting affiliate offers, or selling your own products, ebooks, etc, do read this report seriously as this has all the

InstantLP goes live

InstantLP went live today at 12:00PM EST at

I started designing InstantLP back in October 2007 and first introduced to a limited amount of students as a web based model. At that time I was not very much into Ajax and Web 2.0 stuff, so the basic model, was actually very basic. Imagine a page with a dozen text boxes :)

Well time changed, we evolved, tested different things, learnt user interface techniques and decided on giving InstantLP a shot with the desktop based technology.

Fool Proof Approach to Making Money on the Internet?

I have seen several entrepreneurs who decided to work from home, bought ebooks, courses, tutorials and every help that they could to make a significant income online. Most of these Internet Marketers try their best; invest huge chunks of money trying to make a few sales so they make more money and what not. Some of them get it in the first shot and start making some money, enough to keep the motivated, enough for them to keep looking for ways to increase these figures and enough to try different things now. But there is a huge percentage of Internet Marketers who try their best and then since they lost time and money, decide to give up, never to come back again. I feel fortunate that I was able to meet two such people, who were on the verge of giving up, when I told them what I am going to tell you now, and it changed their life forever. They didn't quit, and after only 6 months they are where they wanted to be. It's all about your outlook. So since I am confident I could save two successful businessmen from becoming a part of the 9-5 rat race, I hope this article gets more audience who gets a better perspective of this business and do the right thing from the beginning. So please read on and do leave me a note if you find this article helpful Read more about Fool Proof Approach to Making Money on the Internet?