How to: Connect your DSLR with your Android / IPhone phone or tablet / Ipad



So many times when you are out there taking pictures of landscapes, butterflies, birds, people you wish there was a way for you to connect your camera to your phone so you don't have to be sitting in an awkward position, or just to transfer files instantly to computer so you can see what you just captured.

With the wired and wireless connection to connect your DSLR Camera to your phone or tablet PC, it is all possible, as well as doesn't even cost a fortune.

Here I share tips on how you can connect your camera to your phone or tablet using a wired (OTG Cable) and wireless connection.


Meet Bully the bullfrog


Bully the Bullfrog


Being a  piscean has always kept the fish alive in my life. I lost the first lot of my fish to predating birds ... We really enjoyed watching Bully in action while it hunted bees, flies, crickets, spiders and other insects, but the sight of it eating my fish, and the small nesting birds was not very nice. 

This picture was taking using a Canon 5D Mark III, and a Tamron 28-300 F/3.5-6.3 Di lens. No flash was used. Read this article to read some tips for taking pictures of bullfrogs, and read more about how Bully got it's name.