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Drupal 7 as a solid CMS

I have been a little slow in posting on this site in the past few months, but now you'll see me being more active. So currently besides building some new applications and writing cool scripts I am also venturing into 2 different spaces. Primarily working with Drupal 7 for a super great client which I will mention later, and second building and testing a project management system that allows me to hire workers around the world and get my projects done in reasonable deadlines and affordable prices.

Function eregi_replace() is deprecated in PHP


With PHP 5.3 some Functions have been depreciated. Many Drupal developers / users who upgraded their version of PHP may get warnings about functions that have been depreciated.

The word depreciated here basically means that the functions in question were determined to not be as performance efficient hence it is being replaced with a new function.

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Mobile Theme for Drupal CMS

Hello Website Owners!

While using my newest version of Long Tail Magic I discovered that more than 40% of traffic coming to my sites (including are cell phone users. My Browser Report on Long Tail Magic showed me that people using Androids, IPhone, Ipad, Blackberry, and Palm PCs are visiting my sites. Here's a raw snapshot:

BlackBerry8520/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/603
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_0_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/7A400
Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8A293
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.1-update1; en-us; Droid Build/ESE81) AppleWebKit/530.17 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/530.17
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_5_8; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.22.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Safari/531.22.7
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/531.22.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Safari/531.22.7

So the first thing I did was to grab my Android G1, and point my Dolphin Browser to and I was disappointed to see the results.

New Test: Drupal + RSS = Relevant Content

I like to do a lot of testing of various objects before I start using them on my own projects. I have been playing with RSS a lot lately and believe me, I am totally stunned to see how well Drupal handles RSS.

I have used Drupal CMS for a long time now, and actually this site was the first site I migrated from handcoded PHP / MySQL / HTML to Drupal. After seeing a huge traffic (Organic Search Traffic) benefit on Drupal, I migrated a lot of my sites to Drupal and started using Drupal more and more for new projects.

Learn GO Programming Language by Google

Google Go Programming Language

GO is a new programming language developed by Google. GO is based primarily on the C platform but is more refined and more advanced, and more in sync with the recent technology enhancements on a hardware level. The goal of this language is to make software development Simple, Fast, Safe, Concurrent, Fun and Open Source.