Datafeed to MySQL Database Integration Software

Datafeed to MySQL Database Integration Software

I started my career as an Affiliate by creating a Datafeed driven site that still generates a passive income for me without any ongoing time or monetary investment. The only task I had to do was to update feeds occassionaly. I promoted Circuit City on line through Commission Junction affiliate network and made sales till the day they stopped advertising online (as you all know, Circuit City was among the first few companies to go out of business as the recession kicked in). Well, I feel bad for them, but it took me 20 minutes to setup my site with another similar vendor and my site making a passive income again.

So before I feed the Techie Audience with this information, I want to make sure I cover each aspect of using Data-Feeds here so we call can be on the same level of understanding of this ever fascinating technology which is yet to be explored by the majority.

What is a Data Feed?
A Data Feed (or Product Catalog - as referred to by Commission Junction) is a database of products for any merchant that has all the information about the product, along with the Affiliate's unique affiliate link for each product, that redirects to the same product page, on the merchant's site.

Let's say you want to promote has hundreds and thousands of ebooks to sell. Now if you had a website for promoting ebooks, you could make a commission by referring your visitors to With a simple affiliate link that sends your visitors to the homepage of, you can make a commission but the user has to go and search for the book on their homepage and if they don't search correctly, the chances are that they won't find what they are looking for, hence you lose a sale. So for a visitor on your site who is searching for "The Civilized Market" ebook, your chances of making a sale are more if you send them to rather than

Here is an example of an affiliate site that uses datafeed and sends the user directly to the corresponding product page: Notice the first product on this category is "The Civilized Market". If you click on that book, you will be taken to a page on this site dedicated to that product and from there it sends the visitors to the product page on the merchant's site.

How to Implement a Datafeed into an affiliate site?
This is my favorite part. The site ( took me 20 minutes to design from the VERY SCRATCH. And that INCLUDES:
1. Registering a Domain Name
2. Hosting the site
3. Installing Drupal Content Management System
4. Integrating the datafeed into the MySQL database
5. Selecting Template and Editing Site Settings
6. Adding Product Category Listing on Left Menu
7. Adding Product Search (Special)

What do you think about that?

Well, the most important and complex step in integrating a product catalog (datafeed) is uploading the datafeed into the MySQL Database (or other databases). Once the feed is in the database, you can use a custom PHP, ASP, DotNet or any other site, content management systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, etc or Blogs like Wordpress, etc.

So I made this product I take pride in which handles this task for me in just a few minutes.

I proudly showcase the DataFeed Integration Software to you.

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