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Google Chrome - by Google Inc

I had some seriously high expectations when I learned about Google's first web browser being launched called Google Chrome. I installed it and I remember the first time when I run Google Chrome, I was like - is that it ? Since we are used to browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla (Firefox), Opera, etc we are habitual of giving away at least 30% of our browser real estate to the address bar, title bar, some toolbars, status bar at the bottom, etc. Google Chrome was pretty close to being a full screen browser with no 'fixed' status bar, no Title bar, but still has everything. I remember having a very similar feeling when I first saw Google Talk (Google's web messenger) and now, I love it more than anything else.

It took me a while to get started as it was so well documented that I wanted to read as much as I could about this browser. Below are some of my observations about the program that 'may' help you made a decision whether you want to go ahead and try Google Chrome or not.

1. Faster Browsing
Browsing speeds certainly depend upon the Internet Speed but by faster, I mean going from one page to another. The page may take as much time as your internet allows, but when you click on a link, the next second you are on the page unlike IE where it sometimes takes upto 2-3 seconds to respond to your clicks. The pages load up faster as well, now I don't know if this has anything to do with Google's Cache being used by Google Chrome or just that since Google Chrome is a light application, it works better.

2. More Real Estate
Now, this might interest all of you. Since most toolbars are missing, you now have atleast 10-15% more viewing space on any web page. This 10-15% means, if you are checking your email, you can read almost a full paragraph more than what you could do before with other web browsers. However, I do feel the need of a Google Toolbar and my all time favorite Roboform, so we will see what are we left with after installing these toolbars.

3. Much Lighter on CPU and Memory (RAM)
There is a very significant difference between the Memory usage of other browsers / Google Chrome. I have tested them at various load levels and with roughly 4 tabs open and high graphic sites, IE's memory usage went up to 467,000K while Chrome was at 299,000K for the same sites and same amount of time. I had deleted all offline content, temporary internet files, cookies, etc before testing both browsers individually.
I often get to a point where I need to restart my browser because it just takes up so much memory. With Chrome I haven't reached that point even once.

4. Incognito Mode (Superb)
Incognito Mode is a safe browsing mode of Google Chrome. While in Incognito mode, your activity will not be tracked by web sites nor will any information from the site (history, cookies, etc) be saved on your computer. Even if your computer has a cookie for say site A, when you visit the site using Incognito mode, the site will not be able to recognize you.
This feature is very useful to me as a programmer, because when I work on high security / authentication projects, I have to go back and forth deleting cookies, seeing how this site responds to a new user, and other details. Now I can just use Incognito Mode to test my applications.
Additionally, you can safely browse sites that you don't want your co-workers / spouse / parents / kids to view. As the history is not saved, you can be sure no one will access those sites. The other day, I ordered flowers for my brother on his birthday using incognito mode and while he was using my computer later to look for some directions, I felt great for using incognito mode, else he would have known I have ordered flowers or at least that I was on some flower delivery / gift sites for his birthday (which he thought I don't even remember).

5. New Tab with pre sorted sites
When you open a new blank tab on Google Chrome, it shows you thumbnails of some sites that you visit often. You may simply click on these thumbnails to open the site you wish to view. In my case it is a really helpful tool because I often visit the same sites to see stats of my sites, commissions, etc. It may be treated as a new and efficient way to view favorite sites (just a few mouse clicks less).

6. Inbuilt spell check on all forms
Very basic tool but I am sure it must have been one serious implementation for Google. As you browse through web sites and fill forms, Chrome has an inbuilt spell check that checks for spelling errors as you type and underlines the mis-spelled words with a red color and also gives spelling suggestions when you click on that word. This spell check is also automatically implemented on emails when you use chrome. So be confident that your emails will not be sent with bad spellings any more.

So far I would say Google Chrome rocks, but there is room for so much evolution here. I am sure as the product matures, it will be loaded with some more tools and options.

To download Google Chrome visit I will post more information to this page with more discoveries.