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Welcome Real Time Search
Talk about search engine optimization, but don't ignore social media.
Yes, finally social media has made an impact on how the web works and the Big G decided to include real time data in searches. This feature is called Google Updates.
This was brought to my notice by Liane - a friend and co-worker, 2 days ago but I saw it live just now. I went to and searched for Miley Cyrus and I was surprised to see an iframe with scrolling results on the main page. Here is the link:

This is really hot as now you could see as things happen. I am sure Google has a lot of social media sites in the DB now, but Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, Newser, and a few others are the prominent ones. I am sure this would vary for different niches. Now we have a blend of both, archived active content, and live real time results for any topic. This means a lot to most of us. Talk about product launches, Games and Sports, Elections, Scores, Contests, Movie Reviews and what not.

This would open doors to a totally new method of marketing for marketers. And unlike organic search engine optimization, you won't have to wait for months to start getting organic traffic. You could actually drive more traffic to your website in the next few minutes if your strategies are correct. So besides benefiting as a user, you could also benefit as an advertiser.

Here is a live example of Google Updates:
Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Click on the Retweet button above and go back to the above URL to see your Tweet posted instantly.
This is the magic of social media and real time search.

I have had an idea of this new update since a long time and also some ideas that any online business could use to spread their word and get traffic from social media traffic. I will put everything together and get you a PDF report on that shortly. Subscribe to my Newsletter to stay on top of this story.

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