Help and Support on 3rd party products

Help is on the way ...

I know there is a huge need for help for 3rd party softwares and due to the lack of an efficient support team, there is a lot of frustration in this industry. Product owners sell their products and don't get enough time to stand behind their products, forums are not as efficient as they used to be and there is always something missing from the equation.

I say this from experience as both, a consumer, and a product owner. And now I want to be able to help those, who are not able to get help from where they should. It is not that product owners do not care about their customers, but sometimes the work becomes overwhelming and the product owners have to make decisions that make them dedicate their time to fix any / all issues on the products and offer updates, rather than spending hours in support panel and forum to provide support.

In an event where you just don't get support, and you really want to use the product, I might be able to help. Specially with installs, or install related issues, basic troubleshooting at your end, or maybe answer some of your questions. I am developing a support panel (iSupportPro) where I will offer free support for my products, and paid support for 3rd party softwares. I am also talking to some product owners who have a promising range of products but do not have time to provide support, so I can handle support for their products. I have a team of talented and responsive experts who will go that extra mile to make sure your questions are answered.

Some of the primary 3rd party support services I offer are:
- 3rd Party Software Installation:
  I will install 3rd party softwares on your web servers / computers and verify that it is working fine. If the software can not be installed, I will provide you with the technical documentation on why it can't be installed and what do you need to do in order to make it work (if in case it is a compatibility issue).

- Troubleshooting / Documentation
  Some products have bugs which are not known. If you happen to be using one that is not working, I will troubleshoot your installation to make sure everything is fine or not. If not I will document the bug and find ways around it for you and also suggest possible fixes.

- Product Education
  If you buy a product that you don't know how to use, I'll help you get started and teach you enough so you can start using the software with ease.

- Answer technical / non-technical questions
  Who doesn't have questions? I'll be able to answer any questions for you regarding 3rd party products.

- Verification of your Implementations
  Last, but not the least, when you use a software and finally have an output like a webpage, a list of keywords, a PPC campaign or anything under the sky, it is very important to test it and make sure everything is working fine. These tests have to be indepth and one should make sure there is no flaw in your implementation. I will do this testing for you to make sure that you get the desired results.

I plan to make it work in a very straight forward method. You will need to purchase paid support for any product on which I am offering support. For instance, you bought a copy of LPGen, OMS or SpeedPPC and need help with that, you could purchase a support package from my support site and I'll help you out.

Just know that I am aware you spent money on the software / applications so I won't make the support be another big expense for you. I'll work out prices that don't hurt me, nor you. Stay tuned for more on this. (any suggestions are more than appreciated).

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I will update you on this and add more information once I start testing iSupportPro.