Podcast: What makes Drupal a good Content Management System From a SEO perspective?

Are you curious to know why Drupal Content Management System makes a good candidate among other Content Management Systems from a SEO perspective?

Download the podcast if you are interested in listening to it. The podcast covers each component of Drupal that helps you get organic traffic and explains why is that feature so important and likable by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

This podcast covers various inbuilt features of Drupal and also the SEO benefits that come from the following:
  1. Clean (behind the scene) HTML Coding.
  2. Structure of Drupal Sites (Grouped Content by Menus)
  3. Ease of use to update (Ease of use promotes frequent updates)
  4. Option to have Page, Blog and Forum (More centralized data in website, blog and forum)
  5. Inbuilt Search Box (search option adds a plus to your site as users can search for information they are looking for)
  6. SEO Friendly URLs using Path Module (Key words in URL increases SEO score)

I have seen great results with Drupal and hope this podcast and my Drupal Installation videos that show you how to setup Drupal help you get started and take advantage of this great Content Management System.

More Podcasts and Videos coming soon ... Stay Tuned.