Brad Callen's PPC WebSpy (Review and Recommendation)

PPC WebSpy by Brad Callen

I am not a great fan of spy tools specially because most of them are so complex and time consuming that it just doesn't appeal to me.

However after I heard about Brad Callen's PPC WebSpy, I wasn't too excited. On the back of my mind, I admit, that I kept thinking about checking it out. So I finally decided to pay it a visit. I went to the site and watched the first video and believe me, I did not even scroll down a bit, didn't read the sales page and just went ahead to get my copy. To my surprise the basic level is absolutely free. This means that you can go to PPC WebSpy Page now and get your copy absolutely free.

But before you do so, it is important for you to understand what would this tool do for you, and that is the reason for me to add this review to the list of recommended products on my site.

What does PPC WebSpy do?
As the name suggests, PPC WebSpy is a Spy Tool that allows you to see the keywords your competitors are bidding on to drive away all the traffic. So if you are selling solar panels, you can see what keywords other advertisers are bidding on, you can bid on the same keywords and compete with your competitors in the real sense, or you can find keywords that they are NOT bidding on, so you can get an edge. You can also get a list of all the keywords all the advertisers in that niche are bidding on, and make your monster campaign to make sure you don't leave any stone uncovered.

But what I loved most about PPC WebSpy is the fact that it is not a membership site where you have to pay a recurring monthly fee, nor do you have to depend on their site to show you the results.

PPC WebSpy works realtime as you browse the internet.

You can simply point your browser to, search for the term you wish to search and you're set. You will see buttons below each ad that spells out "View Keywords", and by clicking on them, you will see all the keywords that particular advertiser is bidding on.

What information does PPC WebSpy show me?
Now, that is the right question. Because just a list of keywords that the advertiser is bidding on will be a great asset, but it will still leave room for you to do your homework.

PPC WebSpy shows you:
- Average Position for each keyword.
- Average CPC (Cost per Click).
- Max CPC (Maximum Cost per Click set by the advertiser).
- Clicks / Day (number of clicks these keywords get in one day).
- Cost / Day (Cost of each keyword per day).

Based on this information not only will you be ready to compete, but also you can get enough data to get an idea of how competitive this niche is and should you venture into it or not.

Without taking too much of your time, I recommend you to visit PPC WebSpy Download Area to watch this video.

Once you get your copy of PPC WebSpy, you will also get a few more very pleasant surprises that include two very hot bonuses and an opportunity to ACTUALLY make a residual income, so keep your eyes and ears open to what Brad has to say.