Preparing for the Raid De Himalaya 2013

My plans for racing in the Raid de Himalaya 2010 didn't quite work out due to a very non-avoidable reason: My only brother in law, decided to tie the knot on Oct 10th, which was the same day as the Raid was flagged off from Pinjore Garden, in India. I couldn't have chosen to go for the raid and miss my brother in law's wedding, but since both the events were not too far from each other, I was able to go and meet all old rally friends, and spectate the first stage of the Raid. It was very exciting. 

A very dear friend and rally partner Garry Singh, with whom I had initially planned to go for the Raid, was able to carry on and he had a beautiful podium finish. He won the 2nd overall in Motorcycle Category. 

With life a little bit settled now, and ofcourse before age starts taking a toll, I am planning to participate in the Raid this year. If all goes well on the financial and personal grounds, and I am able to complete the rally this year, it would be the last motorcycle rally that I would participate in. However I will start considering the possibilities of getting into Car Rallying with Rally America schedules. 

So for now, the decision has been made to go ahead, and I am looking at what it will take to be able to participate in the Raid in terms of work, money and family. 








I am not just looking for blind sponsorships / donations but more importantly looking for ways to help sponsors get a return on their investment. There are many competitors out there who seek these fundings, but companies don't really like to invest money on them because they don't have a direct return on the money they spend. After all, most riders simply put the sponsor's banner on their vehicles, and outfits and ride in the rally. There has to be some more value that the participants can offer to the sponsoring companies. With the social and digital media evolution, there are so many campaigns that participants can run to help the sponsor get business based on their efforts. I am open to ideas, if you can think of anything, please feel free to send them across using form.

I will keep this page updated by adding my progress, but for now, there's a lot more planning to be done.

Thanks for reading and if you would be interested in flying down to India in October 2013 to spectate the Raid de Himalaya and visit the most beautiful mountains in the world, send me a message and I may suggest various options that you may have.