Products by Raakesh

I am a software programmer and have contributed to the world wide web through many software that have helped people work better. Some could be found at: HotScripts (Products by Rase Solutions Inc),

Besides these, Raakesh also has a wide range of premium software programs that add a lot of value to the marketing efforts of businesses of all sizes. Here is a list of Raakesh's products:

Raakesh has build several custom solutions for his employees all across the globe and majority of those are categorized as "Business Process Automation". Processes like Lead Management, Customer Management, Inventory Management, Custom Report Generation, etc are all examples of these projects. Most of these projects are referred to as "Services" rather than "Products" and also these are not ready to run software. It takes time, planning and effort in designing custom applications. Clients who are looking for such solutions, please get in touch with Raakesh using the Contact Form to discuss your requirements in more details.

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