Printed book: The True Power of Visitor Data Tracking

The True Power of Visitor Data Tracking (Analytics)

This book is my first book in print and the information contained in this book is purely my own experience and how some tweaks, scripts and experimenting allowed me to use a self made tool to double and even triple my online income.

This book talks about the value in tracking visitor data and how each piece of this data can help you get an edge over your competition.

Here is what one of the readers has to say about this book:
Hi Raakesh, thanks for the information you provided in your book. After I installed the tracking system you recommended, things fell in place themselves and I could see where I had gone wrong. By making a few tweaks to my home page, I was able to convert a whole lot better in the beginning, and then suddenly the traffic started increasing as well (probably because of the keyword insertions). My income from this site alone has gone from nothing to more than I ever expected. I would like you to post my testimonial on your page so other's can also know how valuable the content is.

It is no surprise though because I myself saw similar results after I started tracking everything. And in the end, hey - You DO have the right to track your visitors, so why not?