UltraEdit Text Editor (IDM Computer Solutions) Review

UltraEdit Text Editor

I am writing this review specifically for Programmers, Web Designers, Developers and Software Coders who use text editors like notepad, etc to do their routine tasks.

I am an Absolute "Handcoder". Believe me when I say, I am so much of a hand coder that people around me get frustrated often :). I just don't like using softwares / tools to build my sites. Using a nice content management system is a different story, but tools like Frontpage Express, Dreamweaver, etc are a personal favorite for most of the programmers out there but I could just live my entire life working on notepad.

However to make my life efficient, I had to upgrade from notepad as it is very limited so I tried a few others out there and finally found UltraEdit and have never changed my tool ever since. UltraEdit has EVERYTHING a programmer needs, specially considering advanced programmers with multiple nested loops, if-else statements, for loops, while loops, etc.

Just to show you a quick screenshot of what I mean, look at the image below. I just typed in the lines and pressed ENTER. I did not use SPACE or TABs to put the code in the order:

Notepad vs UltraEdit

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But to be honest, this is one of the most basic feature of that makes UltraEdit different. Let me tell you it is loaded with features and here is another one that saves me more time than anything else.

Ability to replace multiple words or lines in more than one file at a time. I simply love this feature. As a very common example, I created a website and on each page I had added a phone number of the company. A few months later, the company asked me to replace the phone number with their new phone number. Imagine how would this be to replace a phone number on more than 100 pages. It took me less than a minute to do so using UltraEdit text editor. I just selected the files from the folder, right clicked my mouse and selected UltraEdit. Once all the files were opened I hit Ctrl+R (Replace All) and put the old number in the "find what" box, and the new phone number in the "Replace with" box and selected the option "Replace in all open files" and hit "Replace All". The phone numbers were changed in more than 100 open files in a second. I then hit Alt+f12 and it saved all open files. I wonder how much time would it take me if I used Notepad or a similar text editor.

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UltraEdit is also for beginners and newbies.
Doesn't matter if you are creating / editing an HTML file, PHP file, ASP file, JS (JavaScript) file, a regular txt file or any file whatsoever, ultraedit highlights and color codes all tags, functions, and also lets you insert pre-defined tags like < HTML >, < BODY >, < TABLE >, , etc.

Additionally it also lets you modify HEX files, and so much more.

I highly highly recommend this product and encourage you to go and try it out. It is worth every penny you spend.

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