New Test: Drupal + RSS = Relevant Content

I like to do a lot of testing of various objects before I start using them on my own projects. I have been playing with RSS a lot lately and believe me, I am totally stunned to see how well Drupal handles RSS.

I have used Drupal CMS for a long time now, and actually this site was the first site I migrated from handcoded PHP / MySQL / HTML to Drupal. After seeing a huge traffic (Organic Search Traffic) benefit on Drupal, I migrated a lot of my sites to Drupal and started using Drupal more and more for new projects.

I just didn't pay attention to the Feed Aggregator feature of Drupal CMS. Feed Aggregator basically lets you create different categories of feeds, and then import feeds from multiple sources into these categories. So for example I wanted to make a feed for Internet Marketing, I would simply create a category called "Internet Marketing" and then add feeds from various relevant sites, and the site would start showing content from these feeds right away and auto update itself (at an interval you specify - 15 minutes - 1 month).

As an experiment, I am using an old domain, for testing the success of this site. The site does "NOT" have it's own content, the only content it has is from 3rd party sites and I want to see if it at all ranks or not. If it does, you know we have a winner, and if it doesn't, then I will try adding some original content to the site and mix it with feeds to increase relevance and keep the content updated.

The site I am using for testing is: You can see how it is pulling in content from various sources. It took me less than 10 minutes to add all those categories and feeds that you see on the site.

I am using Long Tail Magic to track the visitor data which will show me the exact search terms and referring URLs of each and every visitor. This will show me where and how the site is ranking. If you want to follow up on this test and see the results, just Subscribe to my Newsletter and I will keep you posted.

Any questions regarding Drupal + RSS are welcome.