What is Twitter - Let this post explain

What is Twitter and Why is it so Important?

Twitter is a web site (twitter.com) where you (as a tweeter) can create a free account and start posting your 140 characters long updates that can be viewed by people (other tweeters) who decide to follow you (in other words follow your updates, on their twitter homepage, and/or via emails). The power of twitter comes from its simplicity, the opening text box simply asks, "What are you doing?".

In one word, twitter is the second name for Micro-Blogging.

Individuals or companies can post their latest updates instantly, and all the followers can view the updates on their twitter account. This ability to alert a mass amount of people is such a simple concept, had not been utilized effectively until now.

Whether sitting in front of your computer or on the move you are able to instantaneously notify friends, coworkers or whoever of up to the minute changes on projects, meetings, or sudden flashes of genius.

Alternative to Twitter, Email notifications come close but they do not get up-to-the-second. Also you can send out mass text messages to your friends, family, or co-workers, but people may not want those updates sent to their phone. (Imagine getting 100 text messages or emails every day from 20 people you want updates from).

Twitter allows people to choose who they follow and who follows them, also the user is given the option to receive messages from fellow "Tweeters" to their cell phone or PDA.

Twitter for Developers
Another interesting aspect of Twitter is its open API, allowing coders and entrepeneurs access to the engine running twitter. People have come up with some great applications and add ons for twitter, one of which was adopted by twitter itself: http://search.twitter.com. This allows people the abiltiy to see what is "trending", what people are all talking about right now.

Another great service is twitpic, which allows users to post links to pictures they have just taken on their phone or other mobile device.

Twitter is growing at a great rate and you will shortly start seeing most of your friends, family, co-workers, employers and customers on Twitter.

There is a lot more information I want to share on this topic but before that I need to get all the content organized, so bookmark this page and come back for more information later.